The goal of the Reformed Church Women is to see ourselves as others see us and to be more inviting as individuals and as a Church, so that together, we will discover new friends and bring them into the fellowship of Christs.  our lives will be challenged and the Church enriched, when all find a welcome in the Lord's House.

We must commit to sharing the Gospel by supporting our local missions and also to encourage personal renewal in Christ to help each one of us work at Evangelism.


RCW 2016 Church Officers:

President: Elaine Hoftiezer

Vice President: Mariann Munk

Secretary/Treasurer: Hattie Haak


Martha Circle- A bible study open to all church women and is held the first Wednesday of most months at 2PM in the Dells Area Rehab Center, formerly known as Terrace Manor.

Each month there are standing committees known as Hostesses.  The duties of the Kitchen Hostess is to be responsible on Sunday morning for Sunday Morning Fellowship, consisting of preparing coffee and providing the cookies on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, as well as the 5th Sunday.  Monthly hostesses are also responsible for the month’s events that occur. Examples include organizing lunch and serving funerals.  If a hostess is unable to fulfill duties on either Sunday or an event, please find a substitute person to take your place.