Church History

Historical Beginnings of the Logan reformed Church

Presented by Eleanor Haak

September 1899 Lewis Rave moved here from German Valley, Illinois to his dad's farm that John Rave had bought.  In the spring of 1900 John Rave and his son - in - law Dick Fuls and other families; Harry Bokkers, Hauko Janssen, Harm Haak, Hollstein, Henry & Albert Sieps, Johann Leuning and John Kruse from Iowa.

My grandfather, J.D. Heeren moved to the Lennox/Chancellor area in 1881 from the Freeport and German Valley area.  When he was a postmaster in the late 1899 he decided to move to a farm because of his large family.  In 1900 he bought 3 quarters of land east of Dell Rapids.  In 1901 these 12 families met at the homes or the Hart school house for church services and Sunday school.  More families came and in February of 1902 Rev. G. Zindler began missionary services and came once a month from Sibley, Iowa to look after the welfare and spiritual needs of the Logan Valley group.

Rev. E. Aeilts, a Classical Missionary from Iowa came in the spring of 1905 to organize the church.  It was decided to name the church Logan Reformed.  The first consistory meeting was June 12, 1905.  J.D. Heeren was elected president, G.N. Heerren as secretary and Harm Haak as treasurer.

On March 7, 1906 the Ladies Aid was also organized and six members joined the first meeting.  The cost was $.50 to join and $.10 a meeting.  Mrs. J. H. Leuning was elected president, Mrs. J.D. Heeren secretary, and Mrs. H Janssen as treasurer.  They had meetings twice a month the whole year.  They had Bible study and sang hymns.  The Aid had many bazaars.  The items were listed and who gave the items, who bought them and what they sold for.  A very interesting list to read.  Many aprons, quilts, handkerchiefs, butter, eggs and at one sale there was tobacco listed.  The Ladies Aid helped to build the church and parsonage with the sales.

On July 30, 1907 it was decided to build the church and it was finished in 1908.  The cost was $3,694.50.  It was paid for in one year.  Several ministers were called but all declined.  In 1909 the parsonage was built.

In 1912 Rev. Peter DeBuhr accepted the call and was installed on September 12, 1912.  Later a barn was built so Rev. DeBuhr could milk cows, raise chickens and have a large garden.  Before the church was built the Christmas programs were held in the large home of J.D Heeren.  Frieda Rave remembers the barn that was built south of the church was used for the horses to be in when it was cold during church and Sunday school.  Frieda also remembers walking with her older sisters during the week for Bible study and catechism at the G.N. Heeren farm. Other close neighbor children also attended.  What they really liked was the cookies and drink that Mrs. G.N. Heeren gave them for lunch.

We can be very thankful that our church has continued to grow and we have several families that are of the 5th generation attending the Reformed Church.  Let us continue to serve and help all people to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior.  Everyone is "Welcome".

Acknowledgements come from the 40th And 50th anniversary book written by  Owen Haak, G.N. Heeren and Alvin Heeren plus Frieda Rave and others who gave information.

Ground Breaking for the new Church in Dell Rapids was on October 1966.